You can install FlyMyShop in many ways:

Automatic (Stable)

Please follow the steps below to install FlyMyShop on your web server

  1. Download this zip file
  2. Unzip and upload to your server
  3. Visit the public folder
  4. Follow the instructions

Please make sure that only public directory is visible to the outside world!

Composer (Stable)

composer create-project --prefer-dist aasisvinayak/shop

Github (Latest)

git clone
cd flymyshop
composer install
cd core
cp .env.example .env
complete .env values (optional)
chmod -R 777 storage
php artisan key:generate 
php artisan migrate  (if prompted say yes)
php artisan db:seed (if prompted say yes)
php artisan serve --port=8000 --host=localhost &

Docker (Stable)

docker pull aasisvinayak/flymyshop